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The mission to seek out and tell compelling truths is still alive among African journalists and well across the continent. We hope these chapters will inspire more journalists to take up the investigative torch, by providing tools and approaches that should help to make the work more effective. But perhaps not easier, because the task of the African investigative journalist is rarely easy.

As I have compiled these chapters, I have been struck repeatedly by the miracle of reporters working with erratic (or no) computer connections and electricity, limited budgets, across long distances and often under surveillance and threat, who still manage to produce stories on a par with their far better resourced colleagues elsewhere in the world.

It is actually no miracle: it simply takes passion, courage and extremely hard work.

So, to all investigative journalists – beginners or veterans, wherever you are working – and to the models and mentors who went before, many of whom gave up their lives for their work: these chapters are for you.

Gwen Ansell

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